Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wk 5 ECO Mid-Term Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean

This 30- second ad Mr. Clean's Super Blow ad will probably go down as one of the most memorable for this year' game. It will keep all people attentions in some way or another; because as humans, women and men is a dream fantasy at least once to have someone sexy cleaning our home, Mr Clean character, who show off his sexy dance moves that are seriously impressive and rival as he was doing the house cleaning, while wearing a tight white t- shirt and matching pants that emphasize his features. when in reality is just a regular husband's wife cleaning the house In this advertisement course is showing a frustrated woman tired of doing house cleaning maybe for everyday basics having a fantasy, Yes, I know we all dream of finding the right product to clean our home. But in some way she is happy and fantasying to see her house all clean and spotless by her husband during an early sunny and beautiful day.For this reason, she let her feeling star going on. The music plays an interesting role because it's sexy and seductive song. This ad has amassed nearly 3 million of views trying to find "what song is this" here's the song lyrics in case you are wondering,  "Got what you want, got what you need. be your dreamboat be your fantasy. I'll be your ecstasy" it is relevant for the company a promotional advertisement that is important to send the right message to audiences in general.  they trying to create a commercial where people enjoin at the same time, interpreted the advertisement message. that have been select to sell the company cleaning supplies, in this case (. Mr. Clean) focus more to target the home wife as a channel to open bigger audiences.


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