Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wk 3 EOC: Ethics in Tobacco

Week 3 EOC: Ethics in Tobacco

1. Determine the scenario: What happens in this frame?

This frame showing a woman in the mid-twenty practicing what she has learned as
A young little girl. I believe this advertisement sends a really bad message to little girls, but a good message to women in general.

2. What is the setting? What are the conditions?

The setting for add looks like she is in beauty contest location around of adult people.
wich not a good environment for any little girl.

3. Who are the people or groups?

This person is in a white social group that a very good economic life style able expend money and move around in deferent events.

4. What is their point of view around this specific experience?

The message I got it from this ad is trying to tell mom or adult women that need be careful, there is someone looking what they do. Our little girls learn from people around then which are very important to send the right information to the young girls that will be the women of the future.

5. What are their goals?
The goal is to teach women in general not to smoke in front of your children so to make some conscience now, so girls will not smoke cigarettes. For another side, this ad can send the message to children. By making then think they look cool, beautiful. Or just to have the fantasy on their mind to do it someday.

6. What are their assumptions? What are their perceptions?

Well, I believe one of the advertisement perceptions can be a tool informed to the mother of Family, how bad can be smoke near their children, and how bad children can be influenced by adult actions.

7. Are there conflicts? Is there cooperation?

The prospected use it in this ad, opens a big door for conflicts, for the only reason of use a little girl as a model and make her look like an adult woman.

8. What are the outcomes?
 I think the Ad is very controversial, because it is a call to reflection at the same time it can be very influential to children.

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