Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Role of the women in contemporary advertisements

We all know the importance of this simple ad in the US, History. It was a "wake up" for women going through a hard time, They had to take action and show the value of their own talents. Because many women became the household of the family. It was a big open door opportunity for the women of the 19 century.  The women of this present time still are working hard to trying to keep the door wide open for generations to come. This ad, represent the power and strength of the women principles of the past time, present, and future. 

This Ad has one very strong statement, (We The People) Defend Dignity- The picture can represent the woman of today time because send it a message to the young women, as we the people that have to go out and defend women dignity once again, the same way women did it last month. Sometimes a very simple Ads are very important because can send out a strong and positive message just to look on it. these ads remind us to keep fighting our rights,  

Here is clear how this ad, show one of the reasons why women went out on the streets ones again in "women march" this year. because they had to defend their dignity once aging. Ads like this can not only disempower women but also look bad in all sector of the society. that's why my two preview ad picture are very powerful until today because represent the woman of all time. The women today have a better clear vision in mind, of their goals. And how to be there, to defend their dream and rights. Powerful women in today society are taking the lead to represent new generations on many areas of our society like business, politics, religion, and educational.   

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