Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 6 EOC Fake Products or News

Fake Rice
Since early 2011, social media rumors have asserted plastic rice was being manufactured in China, exported and consumed by people in other countries, unaware the rice they were eating was in fact not a food at all. In 2011, some reporters have been published controversy, articles about the purported plastic rice. Research has shown that certain rice factories in China have been producing a not real product instead it is a "fake rice substitute" in place of popular and more expensive Wuchang rice, for greater profit. According to deferent countries like Korea. The Korean Times, this food fraud is being created using a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and synthetic resin (plastic). These ingredients are mixed all together and will be formed into new (grains)
which is close to looks like actual grains of rice.The rice substitute is then sprayed with a fragrance to mimic the smell of Wuchang rice, making it difficult to decipher between two versions. As we all expect, consuming this product "plastic rice" can be extremely toxic and harmful to the population health, and is causing an uproar. 
Some Chinese official and people around the word warned that eating three bowls of this man-made rice would be equivalent to ingesting one plastic bag.Chinese restaurants are always warning that consuming the purported product is akin to eating a plastic bag, the true is that (without offering any proof that it's cheaper to go to the trouble of making plastic rice than growing real rice).
 Another marker of panic over fabricated food from China is the existence of multiple videos purportedly depicting the shady manufacturing of fake rice in factories:
By May 2015, the plastic rice rumor had hit a fever pitch in Indonesia. One English-language source reported on the initial panic — and that testing had revealed the claim was false:

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