Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 8 EOC Oscars vs SuperBowl


The comparable side of the Oscar vs Super Bowl commercials was the automobile industry had sent it a very strong message to consumers on what brands can be their best options to spend their money. The Super Bowl show was a family and friends most people got to see the commercials for their favorites brand without being disappointed. Brands rolled out beautiful ads filled with a sense of humor on their brand new vision in each commercial. Following a controversial election, one which continues to divide our country, most retailers steered clear of political commentary, on both the Oscar and Super Bowl commercials. Other chose to use the opportunity to take a stand for acceptance and diversity and weigh in the issues affecting our country in the present times. In an effort to celebrating multiculturalism, Airbnb, Coca-cola, and Google home aired beautiful commercials that showcase the diversity of races and culture that make up the modern day of our country.
The Oscars commercial, in contrast, the Super Bowl are so much smarter, well done, more create and at times in touch with the human spirit than the overrated, Super-Bowl ads, 
The Oscar ads rates were reportedly about 40 percent of the football broadcast's charge of $5 million per 30 seconds.
One of the top-rated Super Bowl ads is about a housewife who gets so turned on by her schlubby husband doing housework that she imagines him as a cleaning product's virile cartoon mascot.
At a minimum, I'd say that the Oscar ads aim more for the head and heart, while the Super-Bowl sport tends to go for the gut, and there seem to be fewer ads on the movie event, which makes them a little easier to handle for a family audience.

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