Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The Big Idea

 The Dodge Viper is a supercar it has everything to inspire a new campaign this car the was created for the masculine enthusiasts, but I will focus my campaign on the today's women. The women of this time are smart, strong, has money and is able to take the challenge of driving this powerful automobile. The Viper with its exaggerated, curvy styling and reputation for being difficult to control on the road, has always been much bigger than its small sales volumes. I believe a campaign directed to the female side will My campaign si trying to conquer a new market that, it hasn't been touch in the 25 years after it was first introduced the Dodge Viper to the world. 
The 2017 model year marks the final run of the Dodge viper Its 25-year run is coming to an end and that end might be happening right now as Dodge has just altered the ordering process for the American high- performance machine. when a product is introduced to the women the sale of any Brand go up, My prospect is to introduce the new edition wide open market of new women generations. Women buy 68% of the new car in the U>S> and 65% of new tires? Roughly fifty years after the parasol fiasco, another car manufacturer, recognizing that women now buy 65% of all new cars.

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