Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WK 2 EOC Three Examples of Questionable Ethics

In my opinion, the strategy of Philip Morris cigarette adds, have a very seductive idea in how to approach women with some little big of glamor and sexual manipulation. This add had implementation the want to tell people the once you try it you will love it and go for more. For a sample: millions of smokers buying again and aging, also in this add suggestion to get a bigger king size cigarette. It’s also a special rich blend that you will be addictive. This pack design trying to tell women it's okay to smoke you look cool, sexy and you will love it.

This 1950 Tide advertising was a focus to teach the women, about how good was (Tide) and that there is nothing better than “Tide soap” to clean the family clothes. This add design is really targeting on the product name (Tide) and making sure women understood how good is this product and all of the guarantees of using tide. This add show a happy enthusiastic family wife using the right detergent to wash and clean the clothes. At the same time, I think: this adds it’s a little big busy and overwhelming. For the implementation of information on all over the place.

 Once again that target market is the women, a (housewife), this add is very simple beautiful and self- explanatory no words need it to tell women you can look like a lady welcome, here is a group of very feminine pieces that will put you on a style that you will love. The idea of this add is to implement the right product to seduce the women to shop, this small collection, that will make any woman feel beautiful, confident, at the same time in fashion. This add is well put with fresh pastel colors.

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